Tigrefino Projects Photography Art
Stone Wall Stand-In
An installation created for the show RIOT, Stone wall Stand-In is comprised of alternating panels of photos printed on fabric and lit from behind, with photographs, paint, collage and decoupage on canvas with holes cut faces.

This piece is an interactive photo/fabric light lnstallation based around the theme of connecting community from the starting period of the gay rights movement and continuing today. Stone Wall Stand In seeks to make walls permeable and transparent, exploring notions of public and private space, and noting that safety, celebration, and activism has resided in these places. Viewers/participants are provided with illuminated private spaces in the form of photo fabric images lit from behind, and then prompted to step into the persona of an historical or cultural character: interacting with the piece as an act of becoming another, participants "stand-in" the provided “carnival cutout” and the architectural space of nightclub restrooms. Participants can then photograph their interaction with it, creating digital take-aways. Lush,, fun spirited and a tribute to those who have come before in the LGBTQ movements, my hope is this piece continues and enhances that important social and historical line in culture